Refinishing Firearms

LowCountryCamo is a small business, specializing in Cerakote application to firearms mostly, but knives, flashlights and any gear you want to look good for a long time.

Wood gunstocks are also professionally refinished at our shop.

We Spare no effort

to produce the highest quality finish available. All firearms are detailed, stripped, and its parts are coated entirely. At 1/1000th inch thick, Cerakote lays downs so thin, tolerances are kept, manufacturing markings are not filled in, and some lubricity is given to mating parts.


More Manufacturers

are getting wise. Sig Sauer, LWRCI, Colt, Kimber, and Nighthawk Customs are just a few using Cerakote. Unlike these gun makers, we are not limited to only a few colors. We keep many colors in stock and will order any needed.

Snipers Hide Abuses A Cerakote Finish

» Cerakote™ provides excellent corrosion protection, outstanding abrasion resistance, extreme hardness, & unmatched durability. 
» Cerakote™ surpasses Teflon based coatings for wear resistance by well over 60%. » Cerakote™ has self lubricating elements incorporated through out the coatings matrix, allowing firearms to function with little or no fluid lubricants. 
» Cerakote™ performs extremely well in automatics with high cyclic rates. 
» Cerakote is far superior to ordinary blue finish, or park, providing extra protection against eventual wear and rust.